What Type of Transmission Does the 70th Anniversary Edition Corvette Have?

The 70th Anniversary Edition Corvette has an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The 70th Anniversary Edition Corvette is a special edition of the classic American sports car that has been released to commemorate the brand’s 70th anniversary. As with any vehicle, one of the key features is its transmission.

So, what type of transmission does the 70th Anniversary Edition Corvette have? Read on to find out!

8-speed Dual-clutch Automatic

This type of transmission uses two separate clutches to shift gears, one for odd numbered gears and the other for even numbered gears. When a gear change is needed, one clutch disengages while the other engages simultaneously, allowing for smooth and quick shifts without any interruption in power delivery.

The dual-clutch system also allows for faster acceleration than a traditional manual or automatic transmission due to its ability to preselect the next gear before it needs to be used. This helps reduce lag time between shifts and provides a more responsive driving experience overall.

Paddle Shifters

They are located on either side of the steering wheel and allow drivers to manually shift gears without using a traditional gear lever. The paddles can be used to upshift or downshift, depending on the driver’s preference.

When an upshift is desired, the driver pulls back on one of the paddles; when a downshift is desired, they push forward on one of them. This allows for more precise control over shifting and helps keep both hands firmly planted on the steering wheel while driving.

Paddle shifters also provide faster shifts than manual transmissions, allowing for quicker acceleration and improved performance overall.

Launch Control

It works by automatically controlling the engine and transmission, allowing for maximum power delivery when accelerating. The system uses sensors to detect wheel spin and then adjusts the engine’s torque output accordingly, ensuring that all of the available power is used efficiently.

Launch control also helps reduce wear on tires and brakes by limiting wheel spin during take-off. This feature can be activated with just one button press, making it easy for drivers to get off the line quickly and safely.

Rev Matching Technology

This technology works by automatically blipping the throttle when shifting gears, allowing for smoother and faster gear changes. Rev matching also helps to reduce wear on the clutch and transmission components, as well as reducing fuel consumption.

When downshifting, rev matching will match engine speed with that of the lower gear so that there is no sudden jolt or jerk when changing gears. This makes for a more comfortable ride and allows drivers to focus on their driving rather than worrying about how they are shifting gears.

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