How Much Does a 2019 Corvette Cost: Your Quick Pricing Guide

Find out how much a 2019 Corvette costs and what influences its price.

Key takeaways:

  • The 2019 Corvette starts at around ,900 for the base model.
  • Prices can increase with added features and packages.
  • There are four trim levels: Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1.
  • Convertibles cost about ,000 to ,000 more than coupes.
  • On the pre-owned market, prices range from ,000 to ,000.

MSRP Range for Base Model

Starting with the basics, the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the 2019 Corvette begins at around $55,900 for the base Stingray model. This gives you a heck of a lot of car for your money, with that sweet, sweet V8 engine ready to roar.

Pricing can jump quickly with added features like performance packages, upgrades, and optional add-ons. For instance, the Z51 Performance Package alone can add a few thousand dollars but gives you sharper handling and extra cooling for those spirited drives.

Interestingly, prices also vary depending on geographic location. Demand in certain areas can slightly alter the final MSRP, but nothing too drastic. Buying closer to the model’s release date typically means fewer discounts than if you snag one later in the year.

Lastly, don’t forget to figure in destination charges, usually around $1,095. This fee is for shipping and delivery from the factory to your local dealer. So, plan ahead and maybe skip that extra latte for a while!

Trim Levels

Stingray is the entry point for the 2019 Corvette experience. It offers a powerful 6.2L V8 engine pumping out 455 horsepower. Think of it as your classic American muscle.

Grand Sport takes that Stingray engine and wraps it in Z06 style aerodynamics and wider tires. More grip, more road presence, and slightly more cash out of your wallet.

Z06 cranks the dial up to 650 horsepower with its supercharged V8. That’s an extra 200 horses compared to the Stingray, ready to launch you into warp speed.

ZR1 is the ultimate beast. It features a 755-horsepower supercharged V8 and can hit over 210 mph. It’s pretty much a street-legal spaceship.

Each trim level offers a unique blend of performance and luxury, ensuring there’s a Corvette for every enthusiast. Whether you’re after raw power or a balanced driving experience, there’s a trim to fit the bill. And each step up means a little more cash, but a lot more fun.

Price Variations By Trim Levels (Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06, ZR1)

Stingray is the starting point for Corvette enthusiasts. The 2019 model typically runs around $56,000. It’s the “I just dipped my toe in the pool” of Corvettes, but what a glorious dip it is.

Step up to the Grand Sport if you want a bit more pizzazz. This baby can set you back approximately $66,000. You’re paying for some fancy aerodynamic upgrades and a spiffier suspension. It’s like going from a decent cup of coffee to a triple-shot espresso.

Feeling even more adventurous? The Z06 might be your next stop, coming in at around $80,000. This one’s got a supercharged engine, so basically, try not to spill your coffee when you floor it.

And then there’s the ZR1. This is the “I might have a problem, but what a delicious problem” version. The sticker price on this beast is about $120,000. It’s got the horsepower of a small stampede and looks that say, “Yes, I am in fact better than you.”

Convertible Vs. Coupe Price Differences

Now, who doesn’t love the wind in their hair while cruising in a Corvette? Opting for a convertible over a coupe can bump up your ride’s price tag a bit. Expect to pay around $4,000 to $5,000 more for the drop-top experience.

Convertibles tend to have slightly higher insurance premiums. Why? Because they often have a higher risk factor in terms of theft and vandalism.

Maintenance and repairs can also be a smidge pricier for convertibles. The soft tops require a bit more TLC compared to the hardtop coupes. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself babying that roof a little more than usual.

However, if you’re a fan of those sun-soaked days and clear night skies, the extra cost might feel well worth it. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s hard to beat the cool factor of pulling up in a sleek, top-down Corvette!

Pre-owned 2019 Corvette Pricing

If you’re looking to snag a 2019 Corvette on the pre-owned market, you’re in luck. These beauties can deliver some serious value for your money. Depending on mileage and condition, you could find them priced between $40,000 and $70,000.

Lower mileage models, especially those that have been babied and kept in pristine condition, tend to sit on the higher end of that spectrum. On the other hand, if you’re willing to go for a Corvette that’s racked up more road trips and Sunday cruises, you might get it for closer to $40,000.

Trim levels play a huge role too. Stingrays and Grand Sports are generally on the lower end of the price range, while a Z06 or ZR1 can still hit upwards of $70,000 or more.

Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) programs also add another layer. Dealerships offering these might price a bit higher, but they often come with extended warranties and thorough inspections, giving you peace of mind.

Keep an eagle eye out for mods—some previous owners can’t resist tweaking their ‘Vettes. Mods can impact both performance and value, for better or worse depending on your tastes and priorities.

Additional Costs of Ownership (taxes, Insurance, Maintenance)

Owning a Corvette isn’t just about that initial sticker price. Let’s talk about the extras.

First, taxes. They aren’t exactly the fun part, but they’re unavoidable. Depending on where you live, sales tax can add a few thousand dollars to the bill. Some states also ding you yearly with property taxes on that shiny new ride.

Insurance – yikes. With great power comes great responsibility… and a higher premium. The 2019 Corvette, with its performance specs, isn’t cheap to insure. Factor in your driving history, age, and even location, and you might see some jaw-dropping quotes.

Maintenance isn’t particularly cheap either. High-performance vehicles need high-performance care. Synthetic oil changes, premium tires, brake pads – it all adds up. And remember, Corvettes love the attention of a certified mechanic, which often means premium labor rates.

Lastly, fuel costs. You’re not buying a Prius here. The Corvette loves its gasoline, and those glorious roars come with a price at the pump.

Hope that helps keep your financial radar clear!

Depreciation Trends

Depreciation is like gravity—inevitable and sometimes harsh. A 2019 Corvette isn’t immune to this force. New cars experience the most significant depreciation within the first few years.

Typically, a Corvette loses about 15-25% of its value during the first year. By the end of three years, you’ve lost around 30-40% of the original value. Ouch. But, if you think about it, not too shabby compared to some other cars.

Sports cars often hold value better than family sedans. The 2019 Corvette, with its iconic status and limited production numbers, retains value relatively well. Rare trims like the ZR1 tend to depreciate slower due to their collectible allure.

Maintaining the car impeccably can keep its value higher. Regular maintenance, avoiding accidents, and keeping it in pristine condition pays off. Hold onto those service records; they’re worth their weight in gold!

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