Are There Any Limited-edition Colors or Paint Schemes Available for the Corvette Anniversary Editions?

There are limited-edition colors and paint schemes available for the Corvette Anniversary Editions.

The Corvette Anniversary Editions have become collector’s items, and many people are looking for limited-edition colors or paint schemes to add to their collections. While there is no one definitive answer, there are several options available for those seeking a unique look for their Corvette.

We’ll explore some of the most popular limited-edition colors and paint schemes available for the Corvette Anniversary Editions, as well as some tips on how to find them.

Corvette Anniversary Editions

These limited-edition models feature unique paint schemes and colors, as well as other exclusive features such as badges, decals, and interior trim packages. The most recent anniversary edition was released in 2020 to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the first production model.

This edition featured a special Arctic White exterior with blue racing stripes and an interior package featuring Jet Black leather seats with red stitching. Other past editions have included a 50th Anniversary Edition with a Millennium Yellow exterior and Shale Gray interior, as well as a 60th Anniversary Edition with an Admiral Blue exterior and Kalahari Tan interior.

Limited-edition Colors

These colors may be unique to the anniversary edition of the Corvette, or they may be exclusive to a certain model year. Limited-edition colors often feature bold and vibrant hues that stand out from other cars on the road.

They can also include two-tone color combinations, metallic finishes, and even custom graphics. These limited-edition colors help make each anniversary edition of the Corvette unique and memorable.

Paint Schemes

These special editions feature unique colors and designs that set them apart from other Corvettes. The paint schemes for each edition vary, but they all have one thing in common: they are designed to commemorate a significant milestone in the history of the Corvette.

For example, the 50th Anniversary Edition featured an exclusive Arctic White exterior with red and blue stripes, while the 60th Anniversary Edition was available in two different color combinations – Torch Red with Arctic White stripes or Black with Silver stripes. Each anniversary edition also features special badging to further distinguish it from other models.


In the case of Corvette Anniversary Editions, availability is determined by whether or not limited-edition colors or paint schemes are available for purchase. Limited-edition colors and paint schemes are only available in certain years and may be released as part of special promotions or events.

Consumers interested in purchasing one of these limited-edition models should check with their local dealership to see if any are currently available.

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